How often do you hear coaches and parents yell "Keep your eye on the ball!!" How many dollars have you spent on batting coaches? The price per half hour is outrageous!

You might have the perfect stance, the perfect swing, but it is useless if you can't see what you are trying to hit.

Hi! My name is Steve Valadez and I invented the ultimate hitting apparatus I call "C-WUH!" I guarantee this will MAKE you keep your EYES on the ball! After playing college, semi-pro-baseball, fastpitch softball, tons of softball tournaments, then following my son and daughter's high school and travel ball career, I knew I had to help!

The concept of C-WUH! is to make the batter focus on the ball from when it leaves the pitcher's hand all the way to the bat. It takes the guess work out of hitting. Everyone goes through a hitting slump, including my son and daughter. I have found C-WUH! to be the most effective and simple solution out there to improve contact with the ball! C-WUH! is designed to improve hitting in Baseball and Softball alike. Most hitters can use this on the same helmet they use during the game. It's quick easy on and off. It folds up easily and they can store it in the pocket of their ball bag. It is designed to be used during practice only and used for muscle memory; eye and hand coordination.

To sum it up, C-WUH! means to "C-What UR Hitting". During a game you may only get 3-4 times at bat so why not make the most of it. If you don't hit that ball and advance the runners, you will not score runs! Simply put! Why not make the most of it and see great results! Players are having more fun playing the game they love!

Get your C-WUH! training apparatus today and thank you for visiting our website.