C-WUH is a great hitting aid for players of all ages. The day my coach used the aid during our batting practice gave me instant feedback on where I need me eyes and head to be to focus on the ball. The hitting blinds really give you the focus any softball or baseball player could use in the batters box. After using the C-WUH in my baseball hitting routine my barrel to ball accuracy was crazy. I really recommend picking your C-WUH softball/baseball hitting aid today
— Angel Esparza
My daughter Nayeli practiced with the blinder for about two weeks and she was excited when she noticed how much better at making contact with the ball. She hit her first home run this season! She was also excited at the end of the season when she looked up her stats on max preps and saw that her batting average almost doubled! She went from a .250 to .429. I just wanted to thank you and tell you that your product really worked for us
— Sophia Wood
C-WUH is amazing! It helps me to keep my eyes down in the zone instead of wondering off to something that is distracting on the side of me. I have made more contact and I am helping my team out more. After using it for about a month, we were in a tournament. I went 10 for 11, 4 Homeruns, a triple, 9 rbi’s and batted a .909! thanks to c-wuh, i am blasting them over centerfield! If that doesn’t tell you that i am seeing the ball better, then nothing will!
— Aaliyah Ortiz
It really helped me a lot. I noticed that the blinder on the right side moved any distractions, such as where my bat was. It is easier now to find the ball with my eyes and drive it!
— Tyler Miles
It personally helped me watch the ball all the way in. i had a habit of turning my head and the C-WUH has helped me to keep my head in and watch the ball all the way. My swing, stance, and confidence are now sky high! I am now one of my teams power hitters! Thank you, Steven, for this incredible product you made! I totally recommend it to anyone needing help watching the ball all the way in!
— Anisty Martinez
Before the C-WUH, I was turning my head when I was batting, which caused me to miss the ball. Now I am able to focus more on the ball and not turn my head!
— Gavin Posada
i really like the C-Wuh! It has helped me to focus on the ball and not let other distractions, like the crowd or catcher, bother me. it’s easy to use and i don’t need my Dad’s help ;) jk dad!
— Nina Alvarado